Sweet Baby by Sharon Sala (1998)

SINGLE TITLE: Romantic Suspense
SETTING: Contemporary US
HEROINE: 31 year old photographer

It all happened a long time ago, so long ago that Tory Lancaster no longer remembered being a little girl who came home to an empty house. Tory is a woman now, trying to leave behind a legacy of abandonment and sorrow, desperate to love but forever afraid to trust.

Only in Brett Hooker's arms does she find peace, but there's something Brett doesn't know, something even she doesn't know.

Tory Lancaster is about to come face-to-face with her past, a past haunted by a mysterious tattooed man and the doll that was her only friend. With Brett's help she can meet the past head-on--if it doesn't drive them apart. So many secrets, so little time, and all for the love of...sweet baby

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The Romance Reader reviews Sweet Baby by Sharon Sala

Terrific character development is what makes this story so good. The author made me understand Tory and how very real her fears were to her. And it wasn't hard to fall for Brett, a strong, loving and very sexy man who is not afraid of showing emotion or love. I very quickly found myself rooting for Tory to confront her fears and her past so she could love Brett the way he deserves to be loved. (read more)

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