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Historical romance
Single title romance
Category romance
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Romantic and sexual past
Heroine hasn’t been in love before
Not a virgin, but never enjoyed sex
Not a virgin, but shes been celibate since the break up with the hero
Support system
Does not have any close family
Does not have any close friends
Heroine has financial problems
The nurturer who puts everyone elses needs above her own
Not willing to tell a (white) lie regardless of the situation
Not willing to fire someone to safe money or her business
Not willing to ask for help
She rather does stupid things to keep her home (or lifestyle) than sell it.
She endures her hardships without complaining
Relationship with the hero
Blackmailed by the hero
The hero is an appointed guardian
Revenge plot against/ involving the heroine
Makes out with the hero after being falsely accused
Has sex with the hero for reasons other than she simply wants to
Historical romance
Sells herself so she can pay her family gambling debts
Courtesan, prostitute who never slept with anyone but the hero
Turns down heros proposal because she would rather be ruined than to marry without love
Single title and Category romance
Arranged marriage or forced by the hero
Has led a sheltered life or is very naive
Her main job is being the heros mistress
Unhappy because shes not married yet
Unhappy because she wants children
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