The Secret Mistress Arrangement by Kimberly Lang (2009)

CATEGORY : Harlequin Presents
SETTING: Contemporary US
HEROINE: 28+ year old software designer

Time is money to drop-dead-gorgeous tycoon Matt Jacobs. But when he meets beautiful Ella Mackenzie at his best friend's wedding, he decides to break his rule and make the most of his week off work - by spending it in bed with her!

Strong-willed Ella doesn't do sleepovers - but Matt's incredible lovemaking has got her hooked! So when their secret week between the sheets comes to an end, Ella finds herself accepting the sort of indecent proposal she never thought she'd consider..

Always to Remember by Lorraine Heath (1996)

HISTORICAL: Post Civil War Romance
HEROINE: 23 year old widow

Refusing to pick up a gun for the Confederacy, Clayton Holland was branded a deserter and imprisoned during the war. When he returned home to Cedar Grove, he was given a coward's welcome, spurned by everyone in town. To Meg Warner, Clay's presence was a constant offense: a betrayal of the cause for which her husband and brothers died.

As a punishment, she commissioned Clay, a talented sculptor, to create a memorial for Cedar Grove's fallen heroes, hoping that every name he carved into stone would carve remorse into his heart. But, as Meg spent months watching Clay work, she began to see strength instead of cowardice. And she discovered that a hero could be found in the most unlikely of men. That passion could be sculpted from a heart hardened by bitterness. And that sometimes love―like courage―whispers instead of shouts.

Once a Pirate by Susan Grant (2000)

HISTORICAL: Pirate Romance
TIME TRAVEL: Modern day to past
SETTING: Atlantic Ocean 1821
HEROINE: 27 year old Navy pilot from USA who travels back in time

Andrew Spencer sailed the seas seeking revenge, and there were very few merchants' treasures that he hadn't given a jolly rogering. But on this particular voyage, he found his task harder than usual. As a brown-eyed beauty was hoisted from the waves, he found his pirate's soul plundered from without and a fiery need conjured up from within.

The freak storm that caused her plane to go down in the Atlantic sent fighter pilot Carly Callahan's life spinning out of control as well. Pulled from the freezing ocean, she found herself in the hot embrace of an Adonis. But his eyes were cold and hard, and the man's burning lips swore she was someone else before he claimed her as his own. Carly knew she had one chance to go home, but there was so much to see and feel here -- and the best was yet to come.

Daughter of the Game by Tracy Grant (2002)

HISTORICAL: Historical Mystery Romance
SETTING: England and Spain 1819
SERIES: Book One in the Charles and Melanie series
HEROINE: 26 year old married mother

On a cloud-shrouded night in November 1819, six-year-old Colin Fraser vanishes from the safe cocoon of his family's Berkeley Square home. For his father Charles, an idealistic MP, former intelligence agent, and grandson of a duke, and mother Mélanie, a beautiful war refugee and society's most charming hostess, it is a tragedy that will rip their extraordinary marriage asunder and force them to question everything they believe in. Colin's captors are demanding a bizarre ransom: an exquisite ring surrounded by the promise of power. The search for it will pull the Frasers into a maze of intrigue that winds through the lowest and highest levels of London secrets -- revealing layer upon layer of deception and betrayal, and a shocking truth that binds Charles and Mélanie inextricably together ... even as it threatens to destroy them both.

Under Fire by Jo Davis (2009)

SINGLE TITLE: Romantic Suspense
SETTING: Contemporary US
SERIES: Book two in the Firefighters of Station Five series
HEROINE: Thirties old widowed exotic dancer and nurse

Zack fights fires and saves lives, yet his own thirst for life has run dry - until he comes to the rescue of a sharp-tongued exotic dancer named Corrine Shannon who soon has the normally shy hero burning out of control.

But just as they are consumed by flames of passion, they find themselves under fire from two relentless enemies with fifty million reasons to succeed. Can they withstand the heat while trying to save their own lives - or will their newfound romance be extinguished as fast as it began?

The Tycoon's Christmas Proposal by Jackie Braun (2008)

CATEGORY: Harlequin Romance
SETTING: Contemporary US
HEROINE: 29 year old personal shopper

With the dreaded holidays nearing, the last thing widowed businessman Dawson Burke needed was a personal shopper who wanted to get personal. What part of 'I want to be left alone' didn't Eve Hawley understand? She just seemed intent on getting him into the Christmas spirit....

Eve could see Dawson had stopped wishing on the future, and he didn't know how lucky he was to be surrounded by loving family. But once she'd helped him find the joy he'd been missing, Eve couldn't help wishing Dawson would give her the best Christmas present of all--by proposing to her.

All Through The Night by Connie Brockway (1997)

HISTORICAL: European Historical Romance
SETTING: England 1817
HEROINE: 25 year old widow and thief

In the glittering world of Regency England, Anne Wilder played a dangerous game. A widowed lady by day, by night she became a masked thief preying on society's elite. She roved high above London's black rooftops, compelled by phantoms from her past to take ever greater risks. Until her restless spirit led her into Colonel Jack Seward's trap. . . where seduction was her only way out.

She'd played him for a fool, taking advantage of his hungry response to escape from his clutches. But as Jack hunted for his thief, his heart fell captive to a self-possessed widow. Torn between illicit passion and tender love, Jack is duty-bound to capture the audacious criminal, even if it means ripping society apart to do so. Now he stalked her through the ton, never realizing the lovely widow who captured his heart was the same woman who roused his most violent passions. A love that defied king and country.

Sweet Baby by Sharon Sala (1998)

SINGLE TITLE: Romantic Suspense
SETTING: Contemporary US
HEROINE: 31 year old photographer

It all happened a long time ago, so long ago that Tory Lancaster no longer remembered being a little girl who came home to an empty house. Tory is a woman now, trying to leave behind a legacy of abandonment and sorrow, desperate to love but forever afraid to trust.

Only in Brett Hooker's arms does she find peace, but there's something Brett doesn't know, something even she doesn't know.

Tory Lancaster is about to come face-to-face with her past, a past haunted by a mysterious tattooed man and the doll that was her only friend. With Brett's help she can meet the past head-on--if it doesn't drive them apart. So many secrets, so little time, and all for the love of...sweet baby

Unleashed by Lori Borrill (2008)

CATEGORY: Harlequin Blaze
SETTING: Contemporary US
HEROINE: 27 year old purse designer and boutiques owner

Purse designer Jessie Beane has some bad habits when it comes to men. So she's going to boost her sexual karma - by indulging in an extra-naughty, one-night stand?

Detective Rick Marshall is the perfect candidate - a hot cop with a creative and insatiable libido. Unfortunately, Jessie's poor excuse of an ex uses the opportunity to rob Jessie's apartment and steal Rick's car.with key evidence in the trunk!

Jessie and Rick don't have time to waste.. They need to find that car now. And if spending time together gives them the chance to unleash their voracious appetite for each other, then they'll be certain to enjoy every salacious minute..

Games of Pleasure by Julia Ross (2005)

HISTORICAL: European Historical Romance
SETTING: England 1828
SERIES: Book Two in the The Wyldshay series
HEROINE: 20ish year old courtesan

Riding home after a rebuffed marriage proposal, Lord Ryderbourne notices a small boat dangerously adrift. Impulsively, he plunges his horse into the sea and saves the boat’s unconscious occupant – a beautiful, bruised, and nearly naked woman.

Hiding a terrible secret, Miracle Heather has no desire to be rescued, especially by a virile young aristocrat. Yet Ryder drags her to shore, wraps her in his cloak, and carries her to a nearby inn, where he insists on taking care of her. A skilled courtesan, she knows of only one way to repay his gallantry, and Ryder is helpless to resist her seduction. The ensuing night of passion shakes them both to the soul, but fearing the pursuers at her heels, she flees before he wakes.

Irresistibly drawn after her, Ryder soon follows, but Miracle cannot risk losing her heart. No honourable future is possible for a duke’s son and a lady of the night. With her life in danger, they agree to travel north together on England’s hidden byways as comrades, not lovers. Yet even as their journey leads them both into the unknown, desire threatens to defeat principle.

Hot Under Pressure by Kathleen O'Reilly (2009)

CATEGORY: Harlequin Blaze
SETTING: Contemporary US
SERIES: Book One in the Where You Least Expect It series
HEROINE: 32 year old divorced boutiques owner

Boutique owner Ashley Taylor hates flying. Especially when there's a sugar-fueled little hellion on board. But then David McLean (sexy!) sits next to her, and suddenly Ashley finds herself hoping the delay will last forever - and that David won't notice her comfy pink bunny slippers (sadly, the opposite of sexy).

David does notice Ashley, and when the flight is delayed overnight, they can't get to the airport hotel fast enough. Off with the slippers and in with the zing! Fortunately, America is filled with cities - L.A., New York, Miami - and nothing says "smoking-hot passion" like an intercontinental affair!

Ladies' Man by Suzanne Brockman (1997)

CATEGORY: Bantam Loveswept
SETTING: Contemporary US
HEROINE: 36 year old divorced Yale professor and actress with children

The moment she spies the rugged hunk in the faded jeans at the airport, Ellen knows she should run for cover. Instead, she throws caution to the wind and plunges into a sizzling affair with the gorgeous cop. Between romantic dinners, sensual limo rides, and a perfect night of passion, Ellen is living every woman's fantasy. Until she's caught in the sights of a deranged stalker, and the divorced single mother is suddenly turning to N.Y.P.D. detective Sam Schaefer for her very survival.…

Soon Sam's taking a bullet meant for Ellen, and racing against time to stop a killer from hitting his target. Keeping Ellen safe will take everything he's got. Earning her trust could be a mission impossible, as two wary hearts team up for a summer they'll never forget - and a sizzling adventure that could get them both killed…or give them everything they've ever wanted.

The Firefighter's Chosen Bride by Trish Wylie (2007)

CATEGORY : Harlequin Presents
SETTING: Contemporary Ireland
HEROINE: 29 year old working at a music distribution business

Circumstance has left Finn McNeill without a place to stay. Which means her only option is the spare room of rugged firefighter Shane Dwyer. Soon Finn's burning question is--should she act on the attraction smoldering between them?

The tension's simmering, the chemistry's sizzling and the flames of passion are licking at their heels! Perhaps one secret white-hot night will be enough to put out the fire?

Winter Garden by Adele Ashworth (2000)

HISTORICAL: European Historical Romance
SETTING: England 1849
HEROINE: 29 year old French spy for Britain

Though a celebrated French beauty in 1849, Madeleine DuMais's cleverness is her greatest asset -- and one she puts to good use as a spy for the British. When her expertise is needed in the south of England to break up a smuggling ring, Madeleine willingly puts her life on hold to help the crown...

Arriving in the quaint resort town of Winter Garden, Madeleine meets her partner in subterfuge. Thomas Blackwood is unlike any man she has ever met. His quiet confidence and mysterious intensity send shivers of pleasure coursing through her ... shivers that slowly melt into a desperate passion. As duty gives way to desire, surrender holds its reward. And Madeleine will never recover from the touch of Thomas's hands on her body -- and the touch of his heart on her soul…

Virtue by Jane Feather (1999)

HISTORICAL: European Historical Romance
SETTING: England 1815
HEROINE: 22 year old gamester

They called it their "double act." And in Europe's most exclusive gaming halls, Judith Davenport and her brother Sebastian used the technique to dupe unwary noblemen out of their pocket money. First, Judith lured them to the card tables with her ravishing smile. Then, employing her fan in an elaborate code, she made sure that Sebastian's luck never ran out. It was a dangerous game played in preparation for one desperate purpose: to avenge their father's tragic death.

But the Davenports never bargained for the penetrating scrutiny of a certain strikingly handsome lord who had come to see for himself the woman who had all of Brussels at her feet, including his besotted nephew. Marcus Devlin the honorable marquis of Carrington, wasn't fooled for an instant by Judith's air of innocence -- or by her flirtatious way with a fan. Instead he was amused, infuriated, and intrigued enough to draw the bewitching schemer into a daring gamble of his own ... where the stakes were nothing less than the lady's heart.

In Bed With Her Italian Boss by Kate Hardy (2008)

CATEGORY : Harlequin Presents
SETTING: Contemporary UK
HEROINE: 26 year old office manager

Having just been fired, Francesca has three immediate requirements: a coffee, an extremely calorific pastry and a new job. Stopping off at her favorite café, Giovanni's, she manages to pick up all three!

Working for darkly handsome Giovanni Mazetti is fantastic--except Fran discovers the job comes with a tantalizing caveat: pretending to be his adoring girlfriend! Soon their kisses start happening in private as well as in public, and although Fran knows it's all a game to Giovanni, she can't help wishing his feelings were for real….

Can You Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella (2003)

SINGLE TITLE: Chick lit romance
SETTING: Contemporary UK
HEROINE: 25 year old marketing assistant

Emma is sitting on a turbulent plane. She's always been a v. nervous flyer. She really thinks that this could be her last moment. So, naturally enough, she starts telling the man sitting next to her - quite a dishy American, but she's too frightened to notice -all her innermost secrets. How she scans the backs of intellectual books and pretends she's read them. How she does her hair up like Princess Leia in her bedroom. How she's not sure if she has a G-spot, and whether her boyfriend could find it anyway. How she feels like a fraud at work - everyone uses the word 'operational' all the time but she hasn't a due what it means. How the coffee at work is horrible. How she once threw a troublesome client file in the bin. If ever there was a bare soul, it's hers. She survives the flight, of course, and the next morning the famous founding boss of the whole mega corporation she works for is coming for a look at the UK branch. As he walks around, Emma looks up and realises... It's the man from the plane. What will he do with her secrets? He knows them all - but she doesn't know a single one of his. Or... does she?

Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer (1989)

HISTORICAL: American Historical Romance
TIME PERIOD: Modern era
HEROINE: 25 year old pregnant widow with children

In town, they called her "Crazy Widow Dinsmore." But Elly was no stranger to their ridicule--she had been an outsider all her life, growing up in a boarded-up old house under the strict eye of her eccentric grandparents. Now she was all alone, with two little boys to raise, and a third child on the way.

He drifted into Whitney, Georgia, one lazy afternoon in the summer of 1941, hoping to put his lonely past behind him. He yearned for the tenderness he had never known, the home he'd never had. All he needed was for someone to give him a chance.

Heart of Deception by Taylor Chase (1999)

HISTORICAL: Elizabethan Romance
SETTING: England 1586
HEROINE: 30 year old leader of the criminal underworld

Amid the treachery and turmoil of Elizbethan England, Rafe Fletcher returns from war to rescue his kinsmen accused of plotting to kill Queen Elizabeth and place Mary, Queen of Scots on the throne. Racing to save his relatives' lives and restore the family's honor, Rafe has only one hope to find the truth: to infiltrate a cutthroat gang of thieves ruled by the notorious brother-sister team of Nick and Vivian Swift.

Rafe thinks Vivian will be easy to hate. But unlike any woman he's ever met, Viv draws him with a tantalizing power he finds irresistible. Proud and daring, Viv awakens a fire deeper and more consuming than any Rafe has ever known. To taste the passion of the fiery beauty's embrace, however, could expose his secret and finish his family. And for Viv, succumbing to her own exquisite desire could mean downfall too, for she harbors her own dark mystery. Rafe and Viv know that to give in to love may cost them their very lives. Yet how can they resist?

After The Kiss by Karen Ranney (2000)

HISTORICAL: European Historical Romance
SETTING: England 1822
HEROINE: 25-ish year old widow

Margaret Esterly is desperate - and desperation can lead to shocking behaviour! Beautiful and gently-bred, she was the essence of prim, proper English womanhood - until fate widowed her and thurst her into poverty overnight. Now she finds herself at a dazzling masked ball,determined to sell a volume of scandalous memoirs to the gala's noble host. But amid the heated fantasy of the evening, Margaret boldly, impetuously, shares a moment of passion with a darkly handsome gentleman . . . and then flees into the night.

Who was this exquisite creature who swept into Michael Hawthorne's arms and then vanished? The startled, yet pleasingly stimulated Earl of Montraine is not about to forget the intoxicating woman of mystery so easily - especially since Michael's heart soon tells him that he has at last found his perfect bride. But once he locates her again, will he be able to convince the reticent lady that their moment of ecstasy was no mere accident . . . and that just one kiss can lead to paradise?

Beyond Breathless by Kathleen O'Reilly (2007)

CATEGORY: Harlequin Blaze
SETTING: Contemporary US
SERIES: Book One in the Red Choo Diaries series
HEROINE: 32 year business woman in the financial industry

Nicknamed "The Porcupine," Jamie McNamara has a tough-as-nails attitude that makes her a force to be reckoned with on Wall Street. So it's a shock even to her when she seduces a sexy investment broker in a Hummer limo on the way to a business meeting. But when her erotic escapade becomes the topic of the "Red Choo Diaries" sex blog and threatens to destroy her steely persona, Jamie realizes a fling isn't always frivolous.

Used to getting what he wants, gorgeous man-about-town Andrew Brooks knows a good thing when he sees it--and he sees and wants Jamie. Her drive and passion have him consumed. He's determined to transform their passionate limo encounter into a long-term merger--and he's prepared to negotiate!

Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James (2009)

SINGLE TITLE: Contemporary romance
SETTING: Contemporary US
HEROINE: 32 year old lawyer

When it comes to the laws of attraction, there are no rules The battle between the sexes is about to make these two lawyers hot under the collar. Opposites collide when two lawyers try to make partner at the same firm. Payton Kendall is a feminist to the bone. Cocky J.D. Jameson was born privileged. But when they're asked to join forces on a major case, they gain a newfound awareness of each other's personal assets. The partnership spot will be offered to only one of them, though. The competition heats up. Sparks fly. Let the games begin.

Make Me Yours by Betina Krahn (2009)

CATEGORY: Harlequin Blaze Historical
SETTING: England 1887
HEROINE: 26 year old widow

Mariah Eller was only trying to save her inn from being trashed. So how did the widow manage to attract the unwanted - and erotic - attention of the Prince of Wales? Not that being desired by royalty is necessarily bad. Only, Mariah much prefers the prince's best friend. Jack St. Lawrence is very tempting, and very loyal. And he knows that the prince gets involved only with married women. So he figures sexy Mariah is safe.until the prince demands Jack find her a husband! The problem? Jack and Mariah can't fight their sizzling attraction. And once they give in to their desires, the situation is even worse. Because the prince's man has found a husband for Mariah. Himself.

She's No Princess by Laura Lee Guhrke (2006)

HISTORICAL: European Historical Romance
SETTING: England 1834
SERIES: Book Four in the Seduction series
HEROINE: 22 year old illegitimate woman

The illegitimate daughter of a prince and a notorious courtesan, Lucia has been confined to schools and convents for most of her life. But that hasn't stopped her from causing one scandal after another. Exasperated, her royal father decides that his exquisite hellion of a daughter must be married immediately. And Sir Ian Moore, Britain's most proper diplomat, is the perfect man to choose her a groom.

Diplomacy, not matchmaker, is Ian's forte, but he vows to get Lucia married off as soon as possible so that he may return to his real duties. Yet, despite an abundance of very eager, worthwhile candidates, none is a match for Lucia's spirit and fire. And the more time Ian spends with the infuriating beauty, the more reluctant he is to marry her off. Could it be that he has already found Lucia the perfect husband...and it is Ian himself?

Body Check by Deirdre Martin (2003)

SINGLE TITLE: Contemporary romance
SETTING: Contemporary US
SERIES: Book One in the New York Blades series
HEROINE: thirty year old publicist

Janna MacNeil is a publicist on a mission—to change the image of the bad boys of hockey: the Stanley Cup Champion New York Blades. Ty Gallagher is a captain on a mission—to get his team to win the Cup again…at any cost. His determination is legendary, as well as his unwillingness to toe the corporate line. When the persistent publicist and the stubborn captain butt heads, it’s hard enough to crack the ice. But they may end up melting it instead.

Lord Sin by Kalen Hughes (2007)

HISTORICAL: European Historical Romance
SETTING: England 1788
SERIES: Book Four in the Rakes of London series
HEROINE: 26 year old widow

Georgianna Exley's passionate nature has always been her undoing, and for this reason the beautiful young widow allows her lovers only a single night in her bed. But Ivo Dauntry has come home to England, and for him she'll break her most sacred rule: granting him six nights of sensual bliss, one for every year he's given up for her...

As a gentleman born, Ivo risked his reputation and his life in a duel to defend Georgianna's honor. Now, returned from exile, Ivo discovers that she has proven to be less than a lady...and soon, his daring seduction becomes a sensual contest of wills. But the long-ago duel that bound them forever has fueled the hatred of a madman determined to make Georgianna pay for her misdeeds with her life, and once again, Ivo must risk everything to save the woman he loves...

The Italian's Wife By Sunset by Lucy Gordon (2007)

CATEGORY: Harlequin Romance
SETTING: Contemporary Italy
HEROINE: 38 year old divorced television producer with a son

Intelligent, sensible Della Hadley should have known better than to embark on an affair with a playboy Italian six years her junior, but vibrant and sexy Carlo Rinucci was just too hard to resist.... Della knows that a fiery passion so quick to ignite should be fast to die out, despite Carlo's vow that their love is forever. But Carlo is Italian through and through, and determined to win his woman--and make Della his bride before the sun sets on their affair.

Midnight Choices by Eileen Wilks (2003)

CATEGORY: Silhouette Intimate Moments
SETTING: Contemporary US
HEROINE: 30 year old attorney with a son

Injured, weary, Duncan McClain had come home to forget . . . to forget his last mission, and the friend who died. This should have been a time of healing for the haunted soldier, a time of peace. But then she walked in.

She was Gwen Van Allen, a fragile, sophisticated beauty--who also happened to be the mother of his brother's secret son. She'd come to Highpoint to introduce little Zach to his father. Duncan had to do what was right; he had to stay away. But as his brother got to know the boy, Duncan spent time with Gwen. And soon forbidden passion began to rise. Dare he risk the love of his brother for the love of a woman?

Run No More by Mulvany Catherine (2004)

SINGLE TITLE: Romantic Suspense
TIME TRAVEL: Modern day to past
SETTING: Contemporary US and Brazil 1972
HEROINE: 21 year old cat burglar who travels back in time

Fleeing her dark past, Tasya Flynn desperately breaks into a mansion -- and is caught red-handed by its owner, legendary millionaire and cat burglar Ian MacPherson. Fiercely intelligent and strangely attractive, he has been a recluse ever since his partner-in-crime betrayed him, but he is still a man to be reckoned with. Tasya expects him to call the police; instead he offers to mold her into a world-class jewel thief. After all, she needs a refuge and he needs someone to help him retrieve the priceless stone his former partner double-crossed him to obtain. But when the heist goes awry, Tasya discovers the mystery of the stone and embarks upon a perilous and passionate journey. For Ian is on a deadly quest for revenge, and it's up to Tasya to save him from a tragic fate...if she can.

The Pretender by Celeste Bradley (2003)

HISTORICAL: European Historical Romance
SETTING: England 1813
SERIES: Book One in the Liar's Club series
HEROINE: 25 year old woman

Agatha Cunnington, a headstrong beauty from the country, has come to London in search of her missing brother James. The only clue she has is a cryptic letter signed The Griffin. Agatha decides to disguise herself as a respectable married woman so that she can go about the city unnoticed. But for her charade to work she needs a suitable "husband," preferably someone tall, elegant, and rakish-someone like Simon Montague Rain.

Simon Montague Rain, also known as The Magician, is a member of The Liar's Club, a renegade group of rogues and thieves in the service of the Crown. When someone begins murdering members of the undercover cabal one by one, Simon is given the mission to bring in The Griffin, one of his comrades who is suspected of betraying his brothers. Simon goes undercover and infiltrates the home of "Mrs." Agatha Applequist who he believes is the Griffin's mistress. Before Simon knows what's happened, he finds himself irresistibly drawn to Agatha's soft, feminine charms-and he is tempted beyond reason to break the first rule of The Liar's Club: never fall in love.

Just the Sexiest Man Alive by Julie James (2008)

SINGLE TITLE: Contemporary romance
SETTING: Contemporary US
HEROINE: early thirties and works as a lawyer

Nothing fazes Taylor Donovan. In the courtroom she never lets the opposition see her sweat. In her personal life, she never lets any man rattle her–not even her cheating ex-fiancé. So when she’s assigned to coach People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” for his role in his next big legal thriller, she refuses to fall for the Hollywood heartthrob’s charms. Even if he is the Jason Andrews.

Jason Andrews is used to having women fall at his feet. When Taylor Donovan gives him the cold shoulder, he’s thrown for a loop. She’s unlike any other woman he’s ever met: uninterested in the limelight, seemingly immune to his advances, and shockingly capable of saying no to him. She’s the perfect challenge. And the more she rejects him, the more he begins to realize that she may just be his perfect match. . .

Scandal in Copper Lake by Marilyn Pappano (2009)

CATEGORY: Silhouette Romantic Suspense
SETTING: Contemporary USA
HEROINE: 28 year old psychic

No one believed Anamaria Duquesne when she had premonitions of her mother's death. Now, years later, the town pariah has returned to Copper Lake to unearth what transpired on that fateful night. Although she has the gift of foresight, she didn't predict falling under the tantalizing spell of a rich playboy who's been hired to spy on her. Robbie Calloway scoffed at Anamaria's psychic mumbo jumbo about an unsolved murder and eerie family curses. But before long, the prominent attorney was entrenched in her crusade.. With danger swirling around them, could they overcome incredible odds to be together?

The Seduction of the Crimson Rose by Lauren Willig (2008)

HISTORICAL: European Historical Romance
SETTING: France & England 1803
SERIES: Book Four in the Pink Carnation series
HEROINE: 25 year old woman,

Lauren Willig continues the exciting Pink Carnation series with her fourth novel, The Seduction of the Crimson Rose, featuring Lord Vaughn, the delightfully devilish spy from The Masque of the Black Tulip, and Mary Alsworthy, the raven-haired beauty whose sister accidentally stole her suitor in The Deception of the Emerald Ring. Determined to secure another London season without assistance from her new brother-in-law, Mary accepts a secret assignment from Lord Vaughn on behalf of the Pink Carnation: to infiltrate the ranks of the dreaded French spy, the Black Tulip, before he and his master can stage their planned invasion of England. Every spy has a weakness, and for the Black Tulip that weakness is black-haired women--his "petals" of the Tulip. A natural at the art of seduction, Mary easily catches the attention of the French spy, but Lord Vaughn never anticipates that his own heart will be caught as well. Fighting their growing attraction, impediments from their past, and, of course, the French, Mary and Vaughn find themselves lost in the shadows of a treacherous garden of lies.

Their Very Special Gift by Jackie Braun (2007)

CATEGORY: Harlequin Romance
SETTING: Contemporary US
HEROINE: 36 old school art teacher

Would the most precious gift of all save their marriage? Reese Newcastle and her husband, Duncan, used to be able to finish one another's sentences. Now, neither is sure what the other is even thinking. Years of trying for a baby has driven a wedge between them. But Reese has a chance to make her long-cherished dream of motherhood come true--by adopting a little baby. Duncan has never stopped loving Reese, and will do anything to make her smile again. Could this adorable baby help heal their hearts and remind them why they first fell in love?

The Prince of Midnigh by Laura Kinsale (1990)

HISTORICAL: European Historical Romance
SETTING: France & England 1772
HEROINE: In her early twenties,

Proud Leigh Strachan hires highwayman and ex-hero S.T. Maitland to avenge the murder of her family, never expecting to fall in love with him.

They called him the Prince of Midnight - a legendary highwayman, once dashing and a tarnished, forgotten hero, exiled and alone. She sought his fabled skills in the ruins of a French castle - a proud and desperate English beauty, drawn to the myth...but bewildered by the man. Across perilous mountains and tempestuous seas, together they pursued their separate dreams - of vengeance, of passion, a glory reborn...kindling the all-consuming fires of a bold and unexpected love that would set the midnight skies magnificently ablaze.

Death Angel by Linda Howard (2008)

SINGLE TITLE: : Romantic Suspense
SETTING: Contemporary US
HEROINE: 30 year old mistress

After she double-crosses her lover, a ruthless crime lord, Drea must flee from a relentless assassin who ultimately succeeds in killing her. But after a very brief death, Drea returns to life a changed woman: no longer selfish and cruel, determined to bring down the ones who marked her for death. Joining forces with the FBI, little does she suspect that the man she will come to love is the same assassin who took her life.

Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl (2009)

SINGLE TITLE: Contemporary romance
SETTING: Contemporary US
SERIES: Book One in the Tumble Creek series
HEROINE: 27 year old erotic fiction author

Molly Jenkins has one naughty little secret: her job as a bestselling erotic fiction author. Until her inspiration runs dry - thanks to a creepy ex - and it's time to skip town and move back to tiny Tumble Creek, Colorado.

One look at former high school hunk chief of police Ben Lawson and Molly is back in business. The town gossip is buzzing at her door and, worse still, a stalker seems to be watching her every move. Thankfully, her very own lawman has taken to coming over, often. The only problem now is that Molly may have to let the cat out of the bag about her chosen profession, and straitlaced Ben will definitely not approve..

Vision in White by Nora Roberts (2009)

SINGLE TITLE: Contemporary romance
SETTING: Contemporary US
SERIES: Book One in the Bride Quartet series
HEROINE: 28 year old photographer and co-owner of a wedding planning business

Childhood friends Mackensie, Parker, Laurel and Emmeline have formed a very successful wedding planning business together but, despite helping thousands of happy couples to organise the biggest day of their lives, all four women are unlucky in love. Photographer Mackensie Elliott has suffered a tough childhood and has a bad relationship with her mother, which makes her wary of commitment. But when she meets Carter Macguire, she can't stop herself falling for him, although his ex girlfriend is prepared to play dirty to keep him. Mackensie soon realises she has to put her past demons to rest in order to find lasting love.

Flat-Out Sexy by Erin McCarthy (2008)

SINGLE TITLE: Contemporary romance
SETTING: Contemporary US
SERIES: Book One in the Fast Track series
HEROINE: 32 year old widow with children who works as a sociology teacher

Independent single mother Tamara Briggs wanted to find a new, sexy, no-strings-attached man - just not one as young as NASCAR driver Elec Monroe. But he sure does get her heart racing. And after she's tricked into a blind date with him, Tamara gives in to her passion. Things screech to a halt, though, when he asks to meet her children. Whatever happened to wham-bam-thank-youma'am? Suddenly Tamara has to decide how much risk she's willing to take to experience the power of true love.

A Hint of Wicked by Jennifer Haymore (2009)

HISTORICAL: European Historical Romance
SETTING: England 1823
HEROINE: 30 year old married mother

Sophie, the Duchess of Calton, has finally moved on. After seven years mourning the loss of her husband, Garrett, at Waterloo, she has married his cousin and heir, Tristan. Sophie gives herself to him body and soul. . . until the day Garrett returns from the Continent, demanding his title, his lands-and his wife. Now Sophie must choose between her first love and her new love, knowing that no matter what, her choice will destroy one of the men she adores. Will it be Garrett, her childhood sweetheart, whose loss nearly destroyed her once already? Or will it be Tristan, beloved friend turned lover, who supported her through the last, dark years and introduced her to a passion she had never known? As her two husbands battle for her heart, Sophie finds herself immersed in a dangerous game-where the stakes are not only love . . . but life and death.

First Kiss by Marilyn Pappano (2000)

SINGLE TITLE: Contemporary romance
SETTING: Contemporary US
SERIES: Book Four in the Bethlehem series
HEROINE: 37 year old inn owner

An Improbable Dream - At forty, Tom Flynn has reached all the lofty goals of money and success he'd dreamed of as a boy struggling to survive. The only thing left on his list: Get married! But he hasn't a clue where to find the perfect wife--or even if he can change his love-'em-and-leave-'em ways. Until he shows up at his birthday party in the small town of Bethlehem and sits across the table from beautiful, desirable Holly McBride.
An Impossible Conquest - Wish for me, Holly thinks silently just as Tom blows out the candles on his cake. But Bethlehem's most eligible single woman wants only a sizzling fling, not a wedding ring. She's seen up close what a disaster marriage can be, and that's one mistake she plans to avoid. But Holly hasn't counted on Tom's single-minded campaign to win her heart--or some mysterious intervention in a special town where miracles are an everyday occurrence.

The Maverick's Greek Island Mistress by Kelly Hunter (2009)

CATEGORY: Harlequin Presents
SETTING: Contemporary Greece and Australia
HEROINE: In her twenties and wants to work as a photographer

Pete Bennett: this maverick playboy revels in the thrill of the chase. He never falls for a girl; she falls for him, and he's the one to walk away.. In Greece for the summer, Serena can't resist the glint of sin in Pete's eyes. Soon the baddest of boys has made her his Greek island mistress.. Their supposedly temporary affair is hot and heavy. But one month in, Pete should be ready to roam. So what's keeping Serena in his arms?

Play Dirty by Sandra Brown (2007)

SINGLE TITLE: Romantic Suspense
SETTING: Contemporary US
HEROINE: 34 old married vice-president of SunSouth Airlines

His release from prison should have been the end of Griff Burkett's troubles. It wasn't. The former star American football player is reviled by fans for throwing a championship game, his fortune is lost, and he remains under the dark shadow of suspicion for an unsolved murder. And his worst enemy, the man who has pledged to destroy him, is tracking his every move. So when eccentric millionaire, Foster Speakman offers Griff a vast amount of money in exchange for impregnating his wife Laura, Griff readily agrees. What could be easier? Little does he know that this bizarre contract will trap him in a web of betrayal, the consequences of which are deadly.

Hired for the Boss's Bed by Robyn Grady (2008)

CATEGORY: Harlequin Presents
SETTING: Contemporary Australia
HEROINE: 24 year old Junior Account Executive at an advertising agency

Working in Sydney's most dynamic advertising agency, Serena Stevens has just landed the agency's biggest account - this will make or break her career. Serena's sexy boss, tycoon David Miles, may be all business in the boardroom, but soon he wants a little business in the bedroom! One wild night later, Serena has to choose: career versus love, her dream job versus her hot boss! What's a girl to do?

The Unlikely Mistress by Sharon Kendrick (2002)

CATEGORY: Harlequin Presents
SETTING: Contemporary UK
HEROINE: 27 year old and works in a bookshop

Millionaire art dealer Guy Masters: unknown mistress has moved into his luxurious London apartment... Sabrina is an unlikely mistress. Guy is a multimillionaire playboy--while Sabrina is, well...ordinary. For one passionate night in Venice she forgets her humdrum life, the pain of losing her fiance. Not wanting to return to real life, she accepts Guy's invitation to stay with him in his luxurious London apartment. On a purely platonic basis, of course...

The Mommy Makeover by Kristi Gold (2009)

CATEGORY: Silhouette Special
SETTING: Contemporary USA
HEROINE: 31 year old widow with a daughter and she works as a massage therapist at a spa

My mom hasn't had it easy the past few years. She's spent so much time taking care of me, and now I want to take care of her. When she mentioned that she was out of shape, I decided to get her a personal trainer. Kieran O'Brien's supposed to be the best, and he's even been helping me with my softball! I think my mom likes him, and Kieran can't stop smiling when she's around. They seem like a perfect pair. I just want my mom to be happy - and I wouldn't mind a daddy, either. Who knows? Kieran might just be the guy we've both been searching for..

Mistress on Demand by Maggie Cox (2005)

CATEGORY: Harlequin Presents
SETTING: Contemporary UK
HEROINE: 26 year old teacher

After a reckless, hot encounter with Dominic van Straaten, Sophie tried to slip back to her quiet life as a schoolteacher. But Dominic insisted that she should become part of his glamorous, glittering existence. It didn't take her long to realize that she was out of her depth... Now Dominic was proposing that she be available whenever and wherever he wanted her. But could Sophie let herself become Dominic's mistress on demand when she knew that he didn't love her?

Reunited: Marriage in a Million by Liz Fielding (2007)

CATEGORY: Harlequin Romance
SETTING: Contemporary UK
HEROINE: 29 year old married TV presenter

Popular TV presenter Belle is married to gorgeous billionaire Ivo. But beneath the veneer of her perfect life is the truth of their marriage of convenience. Belle knows that workaholic Ivo prefers their family of two, but somewhere along the way she fell deeply in love with her husband, and can't help wishing for a baby. Now they must find it within themselves to share the secrets they've never trusted each other with, and make their marriage one in a million again.

Moonlight And Roses by Jackie Braun (2008)

CATEGORY: Harlequin Romance
SETTING: Contemporary US
HEROINE: 29 year old vintner/manager

Romance is on the agenda--but will there be an appointment at the altar?
Buying the Monroe family winery gave Zack Holland the fresh start he needed. But the business came with one determined woman, and he could see she wasn't going to hand over the reins easily.
Jaye Monroe knew they had to work together to make the winery a success. But she couldn't bear to give up everything her family had worked for--to an outsider. Yet the attraction sizzled and, what's more, the mood was set with the heady mix of moonlight and the scent of roses! Soon Jaye started to wonder whether they could develop the perfect relationship--business and personal….

To Beguile a Beast by Elizabeth Hoyt (2009)

HISTORICAL: European Historical Romance
TIME PERIOD: Georgian era
SETTING: Scotland & England 1765
SERIES: Book Four Legend of the Four Soldiers series
HEROINE: 31 year old mistress with two children

Reclusive Sir Alistair Munroe has hidden in his castle ever since returning from the Colonies, scarred inside and out. But when a mysterious beauty arrives at his door, the passions he's kept suppressed for years begin to awaken. Running from past mistakes has taken legendary beauty Helen Fitzwilliam from the luxury of the ton to a crumbling Scottish castle . . . and a job as a housekeeper. Yet Helen is determined to start a new life and she won't let dust-or a beast of a man-scare her away. Beneath Helen's beautiful façade, Alistair finds a courageous and sensual woman. A woman who doesn't back away from his surliness-or his scars. But just as he begins to believe in true love, Helen's secret past threatens to tear them apart. Now both Beast and Beauty must fight for the one thing neither believed they could ever find-a happy ever after.

His Bought Mistress by Emma Darcy (2005)

CATEGORY: Harlequin Presents
SETTING: Contemporary Australia
HEROINE: 30 year old interior design company owner

The instant Australian billionaire Hugo Fullbright sees Angie Blessing, he knows he has to have her. There's no doubt about the instant, sizzling sexual attraction between them! So why, at first, does Angie refuse his offer? Angie cannot tell Hugo the real story. But finally she succumbs to his powers of seduction and agrees to join him on a weekend trip to Tokyo..not realizing that he's a man used to paying for what he wants, and that she's been bought--and brought--for his pleasure!

Pregnant: Father Wanted by Claire Baxter (2008)

CATEGORY: Harlequin Romance
SETTING: Contemporary Australia
HEROINE: 26 year old pregnant travel writer

She's pregnant, single and wants to settle down. Australian travel writer Lyssa Belperio may be pregnant and alone, but she can't wait to be a mom. A job offer on Italy's Amalfi Coast gives her the chance to make a fresh start. He's a soccer player with a celebrity lifestyle. But there is more to the Italian playboy Ric Rosetti than he lets the world see. Lyssa is different from the glamorous women who hang on his every word. She's not impressed by his fame and fortune, so the only way for Ric to win Lyssa's heart is to show her the man behind the headlines!

Mistress Under Contract by Natalie Anderson (2009)

CATEGORY: Harlequin Presents
SETTING: Contemporary New Zealand
HEROINE: 24 year old temp worker who change jobs frequently

When high-flying Daniel Graydon hires Lucy Delaney as a temporary bar manager, he doesn't expect much from her. Lucy is his complete opposite: carefree and fun-loving. He can't figure out why on earth he's so attracted to her! The only thing Lucy and Daniel have in common is their reluctance to have a committed relationship. When one steamy night together is not enough, Lucy is offered a short-term contract in Daniel's bed…only to find she's falling for him, the one man she can't have….

Promoted: to Wife and Mother by Jessica Hart (2008)

CATEGORY: Harlequin Romance
SETTING: Contemporary UK
HEROINE: 40 year old woman who works as a Operations Manager for Bell Browning Engineering

Perdita James is thrilled with her new job, until a personality quiz reveals she's an attention-seeking peacock! Her boss, Edward Merrick, is a panther--forceful, decisive and more than a little ruthless. Perdita's head tells her to ignore her attraction and work hard for a promotion. But somehow, whenever she's with widowed dad Ed, she feels anything but professional. She's becoming crazy about her boss!

Your Scandalous Ways by Loretta Chase (2008)

HISTORICAL: European Historical Romance
SETTING: Venice & England 1820
SERIES: Book Two in the Fallen Women series
HEROINE: 27 year old divorced courtesan

James Cordier is all blue blood and entirely dangerous. He's a master of disguise, a brilliant thief, a first-class lover - all for King and Country - and, by gad, he's so weary of it. His last mission is to "acquire" a packet of incriminating letters from one notorious woman. Then he can return to London and meet sweet-natured heiresses - not adventuresses and fallen women.

Francesca Bonnard has weathered heartbreak, scorn, and scandal. She's independent, happy, and definitely fallen; and she's learned that "gentlemen" are more trouble than they're worth. She can also see that her wildly attractive new neighbor is bad news. But as bad as James is, there are others far worse also searching for Francesca's letters. And suddenly nothing is simple - especially the nearly incendiary chemistry between the two most jaded, sinful souls in Europe. And just as suddenly, risking everything may be worth the prize.

Pride and Pregnancy by Karen Templeton (2007)

CATEGORY: Silhouette Special
SETTING: Contemporary USA
HEROINE: 37 year old divorced personal shopper

You can take the girl out of the trailer park...
Which Karleen Almquist had surely tried to do. But the thrice-married-and thrice-divorced!- personal shopper had sworn off men, and their inherent complications...aka babies. Until the most gorgeous widower moved in next door- complete with the two most adorable little boys she'd ever seen. True, Troy Lindquist had been alone a long time, but the ice cream mogul was looking for a real relationship, and his next-door neighbor was clearly not his type. Still, that didn't stop him from turning to her one night-which resulted in Karleen being pregnant with Troy's child.First came the baby carriage. Then came love. And then...marriage?

Appointment at the Altar by Jessica Hart (2007)

CATEGORY: Harlequin Romance
SETTING: Contemporary UK and Australia
HEROINE: 26 year old woman who change jobs frequently

Bubbly Lucy West has always thought she can handle anything. That's before she meets charismatic and utterly irresistible tycoon Guy Dangerfield, who challenges her to find a "real" job for a change! So, determined to prove she has what it takes, Lucy secures a top job—working for Guy! Lucy thrives in her new role…and it's all down to her gorgeous boss. Lucy has a smile on her face, a spring in her step—and maybe, just maybe, Guy will put a ring on her finger!

The Tycoon's Trophy Wife by Miranda Lee (2005)

CATEGORY: Harlequin Presents
SETTING: Contemporary Australia
HEROINE: 30 year old remarried widow who gave up her job in public relations after remarrying

Reece knew that Alanna would make the perfect trophy wife! Stunning and sophisticated, she wanted nothing more than a marriage of convenience. And that was fine by Reece! But suddenly, their comfortable life together was turned upside down when Reece discovered that his wife had a dark past. But, he realized, he wasn't prepared to lose Alanna - even if the only thing they shared was passion...

Dedication by Janet Mullany (2005)

HISTORICAL: Regency Romance
SETTING: England 1813
HEROINE: 37 year old French aristocrat widow a son,

Broken-hearted years ago by Adam Ashworth, Fabienne Argonac Craigmont finds solace in the works of a popular British gothic novelist. But when Fabienne begins an intimate correspondence with her idol, she has no idea that the pseudonymous author is her long lost love.

Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie (2004)

SINGLE TITLE: Contemporary romance
SETTING: Contemporary US
HEROINE: 33 year old actuary

Minerva Dobbs knows that happily-ever-after is a fairly tale, especially with a man who asked her to dinner to win a bet. Cal Morrisey knows commitment is impossible, especially with a woman as cranky as Min Dobbs. When they say good-bye at the end of their evening, they cut their losses and agree never to see each other again. But Fate has other plans, and it's not long before Min and Cal are dealing with a jealous ex-boyfriend, Krispy Kreme donuts, a determined psychologist, chaos theory, a freakishly intelligent cat, Chicken Marsala, and more risky propositions that either one of them ever dreamed of. Including the biggest gamble of all--true love.

The Secret Love-Child by Miranda Lee (2002)

CATEGORY: Harlequin Presents
SETTING: Contemporary Australia
HEROINE: 30 year old woman who gave up her job as a receptionist after she got engaged

Rafe's job was to photograph the beautiful blonde bride-to-be, not seduce her. But when the wedding is called off, Isabel boldly asks Rafe to accompany her on what was to be her honeymoon. Love wasn't part of the deal, but arrogant Rafe is sure that he is what she needs to forget that she has been jilted. The honeymoon was soon over, however, when it seemed as if, accidentally, Isabel might have conceived Rafe's child.

Just for a Night by Miranda Lee (2001)

CATEGORY: Harlequin Presents
SETTING: Contemporary UK
HEROINE: 25 year old engaged teacher

Marina has flown form Australia to London to donate her bone marrow to seven-year-old Rebecca, the Earl of Winterbourne's great-niece. But James, lord Winterbourne, isn't the elderly gentleman Marina expected: he's thirty-something - and rakishly good-looking. Marina tries to ignore her growing feelings for James and concentrate on helping Rebecca. But James won't let it rest: he wants Marina in his bed. And though she knows she can only be a passing passion in James's life, the temptation to succumb, even just for a night, is overwhelming!

The More I See You by Lynn Kurland (1999)

HISTORICAL: Medieval Romance
TIME TRAVEL: Modern day to past
SETTING: England 1260
SERIES: Book Seven in the De Piaget series
HEROINE: 20ish old composer-in-residence from the US who travels back in time

A wish upon a star transports the luckless-in-love Jessica Blakely back in time to the thirteenth century. But her desire for a fair and gallant knight yields the fearsome Richard De Galtres. Though wary of Jessica's mysterious ways, Richard protectively harbors her in his castle by the sea. Though her stubborn will nearly drives him mad, the very sight of her puts a smile on a face that has known too few. And when Jessica's tender desire pierces the armor around his heart, Richard fears he may never be able to recover--or resist.

The Changeling Bride by Lisa Cach (1999)

HISTORICAL: European Historical Romance
TIME TRAVEL: Modern day to past
SETTING: England 1790s
HEROINE: 25 year old receptionist from USA who travels back in time

In order to procure the cash necessary to rebuild his estate, the earl of Allsbrook decides to barter his title and his future: He will marry the willful daughter of a wealthy merchant. True, she is pleasing in form and face, and she has an eye for fashion. Still, deep in his heart, Henry wishes for a happy marriage. Wilhelmina March is leery of the importance her brother puts upon marriage, and she certainly never dreams of being wed to an earl in Georgian England-or of the fairy debt that gives her just such an opportunity. But suddenly, with one sweet kiss in a long-ago time and a faraway place, Elle wonders if the much ado is about something after all.

Sleeping Beauty by Judith Ivory (1998)

HISTORICAL GENRE: European Historical Romance
SETTING: England 1876
HEROINE: 37 year old retired courtesan with a son

Once, a long time ago, Coco Wild learned to never allow a man's kiss to move her, for that way led to downfall. A slender beauty with alluring eyes, she built impregnable defenses around her emotions. The men who came to adore her, fought to conquer her and learn her mysteries, made her the toast of London, but none were able to rouse her passions. But that hard-taught lesson is about to unravel because of Sir James Stoker. Back in England with a treasure of gold from his adventures, newly knighted by Queen Victoria herself, and feted everywhere, the handsome explorer has the world at his feet. He's exactly the man Coco might have dreamed about when she was young: a tall, fair hero with a charming smile. Now he's turned his energy toward winning her, the most desirable and the least attainable woman he knows; and Coco's aft-aid James may just find his way past the thorns that have so long protected her from the world, and awaken her slumbering heart...with just one kiss.

When There Is Hope by Jane Goodger (1996)

HISTORICAL: American Historical Romance
TIME TRAVEL: Modern day to past
TIME PERIOD: Victorian era
SETTING: America 1880
HEROINE: 25 year old married woman who travels back in time to

Waking up after an accident, the last thing Susan Butler remembered was living in the 1990s, happily married and joyously expecting her first child. Now, suddenly, inexplicably, she is Margaret Johnsbury, the year is 1888, and she is about to find out she is detested not only by her handsome husband, Carter, but by the entire town of Newport.

Learning to live in 19th century Newport's rigid Victorian society is only the first of "Maggie's" challenges. Far more difficult is winning the trust of Carter, the sexy, volatile strange who so grudgingly shares her home. But just when it seems Maggie will regain all the joy she possessed in her old life, a devastating secret surfaces to shatter her world to pieces. Now she must fight, not only for the heart of the man she has fallen desperately in love with, but for her very life.

Violet by Jane Feather (1995)

HISTORICAL: European Historical Romance
SETTING: Spain & England 1812
HEROINE: 19 year old bandit

She was a bandit known as La Violette, and she had fallen into the hands of the French. Now it was Julian St. Simon's assignment to rescue her -- then force her to reveal the strategic military secrets only she knew. But Tamsyn was no timid flower. Beneath her deceptively fragile beauty was a spirited young woman who would give Julian what he wanted -- for a price. Soon the handsome officer is trapped into taking Tamsyn back with him to England and turning her into a proper lady. It's a mission more dangerous than he knows ... as Tamsyn, exchanging rifle and bandolier for the sensuous glide of silk, plots a vengeance that could threaten both of their lives and his well-guarded heart.

Mirror Image by Sandra Brown (1990)

SINGLE TITLE: Romantic Suspense
SETTING: Contemporary US
HEROINE: 30ish old television reporter

The crash of a Dallas-bound jet wasn't just a tragedy to TV reporter Avery Daniels; it was an act of fate that handed her a golden opportunity to further her career. Mistaken for a glamorous, selfish woman named Carole Rutledge, the badly injured Avery would find that plastic surgery had given her Carole's face, the famous senatorial candidate for a husband, and a powerful Texas dynasty for in-laws. And as she lay helpless in the hospital, she would make a shattering discovery: someone close to the senator planned to assassinate him. Now, to save the life of the man she loved, Avery must live another woman's life — and risk her own...