Just for a Night by Miranda Lee (2001)

CATEGORY: Harlequin Presents
SETTING: Contemporary UK
HEROINE: 25 year old engaged teacher

Marina has flown form Australia to London to donate her bone marrow to seven-year-old Rebecca, the Earl of Winterbourne's great-niece. But James, lord Winterbourne, isn't the elderly gentleman Marina expected: he's thirty-something - and rakishly good-looking. Marina tries to ignore her growing feelings for James and concentrate on helping Rebecca. But James won't let it rest: he wants Marina in his bed. And though she knows she can only be a passing passion in James's life, the temptation to succumb, even just for a night, is overwhelming!

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Romfan said...

It amused me to see some things reversed in this book. Marina wasn't the sweet young innocent virgin. James fiancée was though. Engaged Marina has flown from Australia to London to donate her bone marrow to James' niece. Even though both of them are engaged there is an instant attraction.

The book is only told from the heroines POV. Nice book I just wish there was a bit more time spend on the relationship than the attraction while they both were engaged.

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