Pride and Pregnancy by Karen Templeton (2007)

CATEGORY: Silhouette Special
SETTING: Contemporary USA
HEROINE: 37 year old divorced personal shopper

You can take the girl out of the trailer park...
Which Karleen Almquist had surely tried to do. But the thrice-married-and thrice-divorced!- personal shopper had sworn off men, and their inherent complications...aka babies. Until the most gorgeous widower moved in next door- complete with the two most adorable little boys she'd ever seen. True, Troy Lindquist had been alone a long time, but the ice cream mogul was looking for a real relationship, and his next-door neighbor was clearly not his type. Still, that didn't stop him from turning to her one night-which resulted in Karleen being pregnant with Troy's child.First came the baby carriage. Then came love. And then...marriage?

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Romfan said...

I didn't like this book. It's always hard for me to enjoy a romance book with a heroine who doesn't want to get involved with the hero in any shape. The result is usually a lack of interaction between the H/h. Yes she will change her mind at the end but that's useless. I want to read about them together. Strangely enough I don't mind this scenario with the hero. In that case the hero will be delusion enough to think he can get involved with the heroine for a period of time without getting attached and that way we still get a "relationship".

The author could have done something similar with this. Karleen is a triple divorced woman, that's a great excuse why she doesn't want to get married. She also had a great excuse against living together. That could have been their conflict. Instead we get a Karleen who was against everything, marriage, relationship, friendship and on top of that avoiding him.

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