The Changeling Bride by Lisa Cach (1999)

HISTORICAL: European Historical Romance
TIME TRAVEL: Modern day to past
SETTING: England 1790s
HEROINE: 25 year old receptionist from USA who travels back in time

In order to procure the cash necessary to rebuild his estate, the earl of Allsbrook decides to barter his title and his future: He will marry the willful daughter of a wealthy merchant. True, she is pleasing in form and face, and she has an eye for fashion. Still, deep in his heart, Henry wishes for a happy marriage. Wilhelmina March is leery of the importance her brother puts upon marriage, and she certainly never dreams of being wed to an earl in Georgian England-or of the fairy debt that gives her just such an opportunity. But suddenly, with one sweet kiss in a long-ago time and a faraway place, Elle wonders if the much ado is about something after all.

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The Romance Reader's Mary Benn reviews The Changeling Bride by Lisa Cach

What I found to be utterly charming in this story were Elle's actions as she tries to mix necessary 1990's knowledge into 1790's life. Imagine being thrown back two hundred years and having to try and come up with some form of birth control. Not to mention indoor plumbing (or the lack of it), nd those hellish corsets. There are some things a girl just can't put up with. Elle's frustration finally boils over in the dining room, in a scene that will have you in stitches too, I bet. (read more)

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Rosario reviews The Changeling Bride by Lisa Cach

I think what I liked best was that the heroine's reactions to being suddenly transported over 200 years to the past really rang true. Some many heroines in T-T books seem to take things in their stride, but not Elle. It's not easy for her to adapt. The clothes are tight and her corsets are excrutiatingly painful, peeing in a chamber pot in her bedroom icks her out, her maid looks at her strangely for wanting to bathe every day, sidesaddles are uncomfortable, even for a woman who actually knows how to ride (astride, of course). As for women's health issues, those are beyond awful. No tampons (I'd curl up and die right then) and even worse, no birth control. (read more)

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