Once a Pirate by Susan Grant (2000)

HISTORICAL: Pirate Romance
TIME TRAVEL: Modern day to past
SETTING: Atlantic Ocean 1821
HEROINE: 27 year old Navy pilot from USA who travels back in time

Andrew Spencer sailed the seas seeking revenge, and there were very few merchants' treasures that he hadn't given a jolly rogering. But on this particular voyage, he found his task harder than usual. As a brown-eyed beauty was hoisted from the waves, he found his pirate's soul plundered from without and a fiery need conjured up from within.

The freak storm that caused her plane to go down in the Atlantic sent fighter pilot Carly Callahan's life spinning out of control as well. Pulled from the freezing ocean, she found herself in the hot embrace of an Adonis. But his eyes were cold and hard, and the man's burning lips swore she was someone else before he claimed her as his own. Carly knew she had one chance to go home, but there was so much to see and feel here -- and the best was yet to come.

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Mrs Giggles reviews Once a Pirate by Susan Grant

I am quite disappointed to see that Once A Pirate doesn't try much harder than to follow the formula of Pirate Romance 101 strictly. There's little plot twist I haven't read before. Sure, the excitement of swashbuckling yee-ha's are plenty, but without the emotional intensity needed to carry a romance, I can't really get involved in Once A Pirate.

But I must say I'm pleased with the character development of Carly. She starts out a typical Contemporary Heroine - bad ex-boyfriend, mistrust of men, weepy-eyed over emotional things which is passed off as a virtue nowadays, ugh. But she soon transforms into a capable, clear-headed woman as befits her role as a heroine. Now that's a fine thing, I must say. (read more)

This Blog said...

The Romance Reader reviews Once a Pirate by Susan Grant

Carly and Andrew have great chemistry, and what I particularly enjoyed was Carly’s attitude in a 19th century world. She is a modern woman, and therefore a bit more forward in dress and mannerisms that what Andrew is used to. She’s also very funny, the way she deals with her circumstances in the opening chapters are very amusing. How she talks to Andrew and acts in front of the crew provided me with several good laughs. (read more)

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