Daughter of the Game by Tracy Grant (2002)

HISTORICAL: Historical Mystery Romance
SETTING: England and Spain 1819
SERIES: Book One in the Charles and Melanie series
HEROINE: 26 year old married mother

On a cloud-shrouded night in November 1819, six-year-old Colin Fraser vanishes from the safe cocoon of his family's Berkeley Square home. For his father Charles, an idealistic MP, former intelligence agent, and grandson of a duke, and mother Mélanie, a beautiful war refugee and society's most charming hostess, it is a tragedy that will rip their extraordinary marriage asunder and force them to question everything they believe in. Colin's captors are demanding a bizarre ransom: an exquisite ring surrounded by the promise of power. The search for it will pull the Frasers into a maze of intrigue that winds through the lowest and highest levels of London secrets -- revealing layer upon layer of deception and betrayal, and a shocking truth that binds Charles and Mélanie inextricably together ... even as it threatens to destroy them both.

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Mr Giggles reviews Daughter of the Game by Tracy Grant

How can I resist a hero who seems to be so calm and controlled, yet when he's so furious, he smashes his fist into the wall until he bled without realizing it? And not once did he treat Mélanie cruelly despite his realizing the extent of her betrayal. In this case, I agree with the author: when one is the situation Mélanie is in, her actions are understandable to me, and to be honest, I respect her more for having the guts to stand up for her principles and accept the consequences for her actions. She's a far cry from the sniveling bluestocking idiots currently overpopulating the romance genre - she is courageous and strong, and Charles is a wonderful man to remember that always. (read more)

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The Romance Reader reviews Daughter of the Game by Tracy Grant

Grant has created a cast of fascinating characters who have all “played the game” to one extent or another. She offers a realistic vision of the world of Regency England that does not often find its way into the pages of romance novels. She provides a plausible plot that sets this particular game in motion.

Daughter of the Game is a real page turner. Romance readers who like their stories dark and full of angst should adore this book. Fans of historical mysteries should likewise enjoy the twists and turns of the plot. (read more)

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Rosario reviews Daughter of the Game by Tracy Grant

I know Mélanie will be a character difficult to accept for many readers, but I greatly admired her. She did what she had to do to defend the ideals she believed in. I can find nothing reprehensible in her behaviour. And I especially respected her for still believing in these ideals and for never making excuses, just accepting the consequences of her behaviour. (read more)

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