Your Scandalous Ways by Loretta Chase (2008)

HISTORICAL: European Historical Romance
SETTING: Venice & England 1820
SERIES: Book Two in the Fallen Women series
HEROINE: 27 year old divorced courtesan

James Cordier is all blue blood and entirely dangerous. He's a master of disguise, a brilliant thief, a first-class lover - all for King and Country - and, by gad, he's so weary of it. His last mission is to "acquire" a packet of incriminating letters from one notorious woman. Then he can return to London and meet sweet-natured heiresses - not adventuresses and fallen women.

Francesca Bonnard has weathered heartbreak, scorn, and scandal. She's independent, happy, and definitely fallen; and she's learned that "gentlemen" are more trouble than they're worth. She can also see that her wildly attractive new neighbor is bad news. But as bad as James is, there are others far worse also searching for Francesca's letters. And suddenly nothing is simple - especially the nearly incendiary chemistry between the two most jaded, sinful souls in Europe. And just as suddenly, risking everything may be worth the prize.

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Dear Author's Jayne reviews Your Scandalous Ways by Loretta Chase

I think the thing I enjoy the most in the book is that Francesca and James are so well matched. If one wins this encounter then the other will come up trumps the next time. Or the game will be a draw. She drives him crazy, makes him loose control and has him reminding himself not to think with his little head. While James makes Francesca sit up and take notice of him as a person and not just as a silly man she can easily manipulate. (read more)

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Mrs Giggles reviews Your Scandalous Ways by Loretta Chase

Francesca is a high-priced courtesan in this story, so if you don't like that kind of heroines in your stories, you have best approach this one with caution as Francesca is no fake mistress. Francesca has a pragmatic approach towards sex while many other romance heroines will whip themselves into a frenzy of guilt for even daring to lust after attractive men. While I always have a soft spot for heroines like Francesca, this story wouldn't have worked with a virginal heroine because this is as much a contest between two expert seducers to see who can best the other as it is a story of deception and espionage (read more)

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Smart Bitches, Trashy Books's Candy reviews Your Scandalous Ways by Loretta Chase

Francesca is, in short, fantastic. Magnificent. Easily one of my favorite romance heroines of all time. She’s strong-willed and strong-minded, and what’s more, she’s effective with it. So many romance heroines are presented as being competent and (gag) feisty and full of strength, only to be systematically emasculated by the story so she can be proven wrong and then rescued by the hero (read more)

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