When There Is Hope by Jane Goodger (1996)

HISTORICAL: American Historical Romance
TIME TRAVEL: Modern day to past
TIME PERIOD: Victorian era
SETTING: America 1880
HEROINE: 25 year old married woman who travels back in time to

Waking up after an accident, the last thing Susan Butler remembered was living in the 1990s, happily married and joyously expecting her first child. Now, suddenly, inexplicably, she is Margaret Johnsbury, the year is 1888, and she is about to find out she is detested not only by her handsome husband, Carter, but by the entire town of Newport.

Learning to live in 19th century Newport's rigid Victorian society is only the first of "Maggie's" challenges. Far more difficult is winning the trust of Carter, the sexy, volatile strange who so grudgingly shares her home. But just when it seems Maggie will regain all the joy she possessed in her old life, a devastating secret surfaces to shatter her world to pieces. Now she must fight, not only for the heart of the man she has fallen desperately in love with, but for her very life.

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