Midnight Choices by Eileen Wilks (2003)

CATEGORY: Silhouette Intimate Moments
SETTING: Contemporary US
HEROINE: 30 year old attorney with a son

Injured, weary, Duncan McClain had come home to forget . . . to forget his last mission, and the friend who died. This should have been a time of healing for the haunted soldier, a time of peace. But then she walked in.

She was Gwen Van Allen, a fragile, sophisticated beauty--who also happened to be the mother of his brother's secret son. She'd come to Highpoint to introduce little Zach to his father. Duncan had to do what was right; he had to stay away. But as his brother got to know the boy, Duncan spent time with Gwen. And soon forbidden passion began to rise. Dare he risk the love of his brother for the love of a woman?

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The Romance Reader's Thea Davis reviews Midnight Choices by Eileen Wilks

The characters are well developed, and notwithstanding the emotionally draining issues of the author’s characters, she permeates the story with warmth and light humor. The point of view shifts are executed with style and finesse, and the dialogue is always in voice. (read more)

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