First Kiss by Marilyn Pappano (2000)

SINGLE TITLE: Contemporary romance
SETTING: Contemporary US
SERIES: Book Four in the Bethlehem series
HEROINE: 37 year old inn owner

An Improbable Dream - At forty, Tom Flynn has reached all the lofty goals of money and success he'd dreamed of as a boy struggling to survive. The only thing left on his list: Get married! But he hasn't a clue where to find the perfect wife--or even if he can change his love-'em-and-leave-'em ways. Until he shows up at his birthday party in the small town of Bethlehem and sits across the table from beautiful, desirable Holly McBride.
An Impossible Conquest - Wish for me, Holly thinks silently just as Tom blows out the candles on his cake. But Bethlehem's most eligible single woman wants only a sizzling fling, not a wedding ring. She's seen up close what a disaster marriage can be, and that's one mistake she plans to avoid. But Holly hasn't counted on Tom's single-minded campaign to win her heart--or some mysterious intervention in a special town where miracles are an everyday occurrence.

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Mrs Giggles reviews First Kiss by Marilyn Pappano

First Kiss, the novel, is another well-written, technically faultless book that makes a fun read. The emotional issues are pretty lightweight, unlike the chronic bitterness that plagues Some Enchanted Season or the over-the-top Pamper My Babies antics of the otherwise excellent Father To Be.

But it has one prime meat for my meat cleaver of a nitpicking. It plays on my pet peeve: (read more)

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AAR's Joyce Kleine reviews First Kiss by Marilyn Pappano

Do you remember the girl in high school who was easy? We talked about her, we watched her, we ridiculed her, but we also envied her. She always had a date, was in demand, and seemed so free. She wasn't afraid to give guys what they wanted, nor was she afraid to take what she wanted. Have you ever wondered what happened to that girl? Or perhaps you were that girl?

The heroine of First Kiss was that type of girl. Holly McBride was the easy lay, she was the girl all the guys wanted to be with at least once, but who never received an invitation to a date's home or was asked out twice. This story explores how the "easy chick" grew up to be successful, independent, and very alone. (read more)

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