The Prince of Midnigh by Laura Kinsale (1990)

HISTORICAL: European Historical Romance
SETTING: France & England 1772
HEROINE: In her early twenties,

Proud Leigh Strachan hires highwayman and ex-hero S.T. Maitland to avenge the murder of her family, never expecting to fall in love with him.

They called him the Prince of Midnight - a legendary highwayman, once dashing and a tarnished, forgotten hero, exiled and alone. She sought his fabled skills in the ruins of a French castle - a proud and desperate English beauty, drawn to the myth...but bewildered by the man. Across perilous mountains and tempestuous seas, together they pursued their separate dreams - of vengeance, of passion, a glory reborn...kindling the all-consuming fires of a bold and unexpected love that would set the midnight skies magnificently ablaze.

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Rosario reviews The Prince of Midnigh by Laura Kinsale

What I liked best was how fresh The Prince of Midnight felt, and not just because it paired a totally romantic and idealistic hero with a very tortured heroine, which is something you definitely do not see every day. It also had settings and situations which haven't been done to death, and that's always good. (read more)

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