Death Angel by Linda Howard (2008)

SINGLE TITLE: : Romantic Suspense
SETTING: Contemporary US
HEROINE: 30 year old mistress

After she double-crosses her lover, a ruthless crime lord, Drea must flee from a relentless assassin who ultimately succeeds in killing her. But after a very brief death, Drea returns to life a changed woman: no longer selfish and cruel, determined to bring down the ones who marked her for death. Joining forces with the FBI, little does she suspect that the man she will come to love is the same assassin who took her life.

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Dear Author's Jane reviews Death Angel by Linda Howard

Drea is a great character and her sense of desperation, her utter loss of self, is really heartwrenching. As a reader I cheered for her to survive, to win another chance at the game. I loved that Drea was really a bad girl. She wasn’t with Salinas because of some coercion. She wanted to be there. She liked the lifestyle. She used her person ruthlessly to get what she wanted out of life but Drea was likeable despite, or maybe even because of, her lifestyle decisions.. (read more)

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The Romance Reader's Lesley Dunlap reviews Death Angel by Linda Howard

Death Angel is edgier than many of her books but is not a complete departure; the earlier Kiss Me While I Sleep was in much the same vein. Death Angel is far from her best book , but it’s unusual and mostly well-written. Its main weakness is the generally unsympathetic hero and heroine. Nevertheless, if you’re one of her many fans, you’re going to want to read it. One thing’s for certain: you won’t be forgetting it. (read more)

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