The Mommy Makeover by Kristi Gold (2009)

CATEGORY: Silhouette Special
SETTING: Contemporary USA
HEROINE: 31 year old widow with a daughter and she works as a massage therapist at a spa

My mom hasn't had it easy the past few years. She's spent so much time taking care of me, and now I want to take care of her. When she mentioned that she was out of shape, I decided to get her a personal trainer. Kieran O'Brien's supposed to be the best, and he's even been helping me with my softball! I think my mom likes him, and Kieran can't stop smiling when she's around. They seem like a perfect pair. I just want my mom to be happy - and I wouldn't mind a daddy, either. Who knows? Kieran might just be the guy we've both been searching for..

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