Lord Sin by Kalen Hughes (2007)

HISTORICAL: European Historical Romance
SETTING: England 1788
SERIES: Book Four in the Rakes of London series
HEROINE: 26 year old widow

Georgianna Exley's passionate nature has always been her undoing, and for this reason the beautiful young widow allows her lovers only a single night in her bed. But Ivo Dauntry has come home to England, and for him she'll break her most sacred rule: granting him six nights of sensual bliss, one for every year he's given up for her...

As a gentleman born, Ivo risked his reputation and his life in a duel to defend Georgianna's honor. Now, returned from exile, Ivo discovers that she has proven to be less than a lady...and soon, his daring seduction becomes a sensual contest of wills. But the long-ago duel that bound them forever has fueled the hatred of a madman determined to make Georgianna pay for her misdeeds with her life, and once again, Ivo must risk everything to save the woman he loves...

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Dear Author's Jayne reviews Lord Sin by Kalen Hughes

It won’t take people long to realize that this book is something different. It’s not just that it isn’t a Regency or that it’s not about vampires and that it doesn’t have any Navy SEALS littering the narrative. It’s a Georgian English historical, and I don’t think there can be too many of those, that features an experienced heroine, and IMO, a hero who might not be as quite strong as she. Yes, what I said. Something different. (read more)

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Mrs Giggles reviews Lord Sin by Kalen Hughes

You see, six years ago when George was still Mrs Lionel Exley, Ivo was besotted with her enough to take part in a duel in order to defend George's honor when she was discovered in the midst of trying to fend off a molester in a party. The resulting death of the horny toad forced Ivo to flee to Paris. He only returns at the start of the story when he becomes the new Earl of Somercote and heir to the Marquis of Tregaron. When he discovers that Mrs Exley is now a widow and from all accounts available to anyone that catches her fancy, he is not amused. After all, he feels, somewhat irrationally but most understandably, that he had given up a big part of his life to defend her honor so he's not happy when he discovers that she hasn't played the role of the celibate virtuous woman he would like to imagine that he has martyred himself for. . (read more)

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Smart Bitches reviews Lord Sin by Kalen Hughes

The first, Lord Sin, is the story of George, aka Georgianna Exley, who is what tomboys grow up to be when they’re wealthy, whip smart, sexy, and aware of their female allure, but also wicked good at things like pool, shooting, horseracing, and generally making a gleeful sport of life. (read more)

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The Romance Reader reviews: Lord Sin by Kalen Hughes

The story is set in England of the late 1780s, but other than a vague reference to aristocratic entertainment and an occasional mention of contemporary Gothic literature, the setting is, at best, undistinguishable; at worst, it is anachronistic. (read more)

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