Winter Garden by Adele Ashworth (2000)

HISTORICAL: European Historical Romance
SETTING: England 1849
HEROINE: 29 year old French spy for Britain

Though a celebrated French beauty in 1849, Madeleine DuMais's cleverness is her greatest asset -- and one she puts to good use as a spy for the British. When her expertise is needed in the south of England to break up a smuggling ring, Madeleine willingly puts her life on hold to help the crown...

Arriving in the quaint resort town of Winter Garden, Madeleine meets her partner in subterfuge. Thomas Blackwood is unlike any man she has ever met. His quiet confidence and mysterious intensity send shivers of pleasure coursing through her ... shivers that slowly melt into a desperate passion. As duty gives way to desire, surrender holds its reward. And Madeleine will never recover from the touch of Thomas's hands on her body -- and the touch of his heart on her soul…

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Mrs Giggles reviews Winter Garden by Adele Ashworth

Yes, I recognize the fact that Winter Garden is a well-written story with well-developed characters. It is touted as a character-driven romance with its non-virginal spy heroine hailed as daring and different.

Chalk this one as yet another casualty of overhigh expectations, because I find this story tad dull. It's not because of the hero, who is wonderfully dark and tormented yet retaining his heroic qualities at the same time. No, it's the heroine. After all the Hail Madelines I have been reading in romance reviews, I do feel tad cheated that she is... well, ordinary. (read more)

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The Romance Reader reviews Winter Garden by Adele Ashworth

The task of summarizing the plot of Winter Garden is not an easy one. Usually when this is the case, it's because the novel in question has no plot to speak of, or a very weak and jumbled one at best. Reverse that observation in the extreme for Winter Garden. Adele Ashford has woven together a storyline so intricate and powerful, that it is difficult to give readers very many descriptions of it without giving away too much. Keeping that in mind, let me attempt to summarize the plot of Winter Garden. (read more)

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Rosario reviews Winter Garden by Adele Ashworth

She didn't. Maddie is a strong, competent spy without even one TSTL bone in her body. She's strong and kind and intelligent and has built for herself a life she enjoys. She's sexually experienced and while not promiscuous, she has no problem taking a lover when she feels like it. What's best is that she genuinely likes herself and respects the woman she's become, all through her own effort. (read more)

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