After The Kiss by Karen Ranney (2000)

HISTORICAL: European Historical Romance
SETTING: England 1822
HEROINE: 25-ish year old widow

Margaret Esterly is desperate - and desperation can lead to shocking behaviour! Beautiful and gently-bred, she was the essence of prim, proper English womanhood - until fate widowed her and thurst her into poverty overnight. Now she finds herself at a dazzling masked ball,determined to sell a volume of scandalous memoirs to the gala's noble host. But amid the heated fantasy of the evening, Margaret boldly, impetuously, shares a moment of passion with a darkly handsome gentleman . . . and then flees into the night.

Who was this exquisite creature who swept into Michael Hawthorne's arms and then vanished? The startled, yet pleasingly stimulated Earl of Montraine is not about to forget the intoxicating woman of mystery so easily - especially since Michael's heart soon tells him that he has at last found his perfect bride. But once he locates her again, will he be able to convince the reticent lady that their moment of ecstasy was no mere accident . . . and that just one kiss can lead to paradise?

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Mrs.Giggles reviews After The Kiss by Karen Ranney

Dear Margaret and Michael - two honorable, intelligent people who just can't be anything but right for each other. After The Kiss is toe-curlingly sensual, but best of all, it is a powerfully emotional, complex story of two people falling in love no matter how hard they try to fight it. It's not always pretty, and sometimes these characters don't do nice things like giggling and adopting cute Pampers babies while getting compromised in moonlit gardens. But they are more real for it, and I wouldn't have it any other way. (read more)

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The Romance Reader reviews After The Kiss by Karen Ranney

Ranney does not take the easy way out; Margaret does not turn out to be an heiress after all. If Michael is to marry her, he must make some very hard choices. Yet Ranney has so successfully developed the special-ness of the relationship between the two that we can believe that Michael will happily face a reduced standard of living, the ire of his mother and sisters, and the dismay of society to choose the woman who is clearly his soul-mate. (read more)

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Rosario reviews After The Kiss by Karen Ranney

I felt the book had way too many love scenes, and that they were too long (never thought I'd complain of that!) They were quite sensuous, but I ended up skimming them. (read more)

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