Heart of Deception by Taylor Chase (1999)

HISTORICAL: Elizabethan Romance
SETTING: England 1586
HEROINE: 30 year old leader of the criminal underworld

Amid the treachery and turmoil of Elizbethan England, Rafe Fletcher returns from war to rescue his kinsmen accused of plotting to kill Queen Elizabeth and place Mary, Queen of Scots on the throne. Racing to save his relatives' lives and restore the family's honor, Rafe has only one hope to find the truth: to infiltrate a cutthroat gang of thieves ruled by the notorious brother-sister team of Nick and Vivian Swift.

Rafe thinks Vivian will be easy to hate. But unlike any woman he's ever met, Viv draws him with a tantalizing power he finds irresistible. Proud and daring, Viv awakens a fire deeper and more consuming than any Rafe has ever known. To taste the passion of the fiery beauty's embrace, however, could expose his secret and finish his family. And for Viv, succumbing to her own exquisite desire could mean downfall too, for she harbors her own dark mystery. Rafe and Viv know that to give in to love may cost them their very lives. Yet how can they resist?

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Mrs Giggles reviews Heart of Deception by Taylor Chase

You won't find sweet, lovely Oliver Twist characters here. Viv is not a misunderstood orphan pickpocketing to support an ailing mother or siblings - she is a ruthless, calculative crime ringleader who rules with an iron grip and temper alongside her brother, tampered with a little kindness. This woman can, and actually does, crush her enemies ruthlessly. Her brother Nick hides a ruthless, hard-edged streak under his nonchalant, genial facade. Rafe's relationship with Viv is more of a powerplay, a game of dominion and subjugation of the sexes, as Viv spins a web of lust around Rafe. Did I mention that Viv is called the virago man-eater by her men (they're praising her, by the way) and the nickname actually fits? Like I said, the last thing this book is is sweet. (read more)

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The romance Reader reviews Heart of Deception by Taylor Chase

Vivian may not be every reader’s cup of tea. No virginal innocent, she has had to be ruthless to survive. As “Queen of the Klink,” she has no hesitation about shedding blood to protect her kingdom. She is used to being in control, both in life and in love.

Rafe is a true match for this strong woman. He can accept her past, yet maintain his own values. He will do what is right, even at great personal cost. (read more)

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