Romeo, Romeo by Robin Kaye (2008)

SINGLE TITLE: Contemporary romance
SETTING: Contemporary US
SERIES: Book One in the Domestic Gods series
HEROINE: 27 year old corporate turnaround expert

Rosalie Ronaldi doesn't have a domestic bone in her body ...
All she cares about is her career, so she survives on take-out and dirty martinis, keeps her shoes under the dining room table, her bras on the shower curtain rod, and her clothes on the couch ...

Nick Romeo is every woman's fantasy - tall, dark, handsome, rich, really good in bed, AND he loves to cook and clean ...
He says he wants an independent woman, but when he meets Rosalie, all he wants to do is take care of her. Before too long, he's cleaned up her apartment, stocked her refrigerator, and adopted her dog

So what's the problem? Just a little matter of mistaken identity, corporate theft, a hidden past in juvenile detention and one big nosy Italian family too close for comfort ...

Accidentally Expecting! by Lucy Gordon (2009)

CATEGORY: Harlequin Romance
SETTING: Contemporary Italy
SERIES: Book Seven in the Rinucci series
HEROINE: 28 year old photographer

On a trip to Italy Ferne Edmunds is dazzled by lighthearted charmer Dante Rinucci. What she doesn't realize is that it's easy for Dante to live for the moment when every day could be his last….

But when Ferne discovers she's accidentally pregnant, Dante's chance to be called "Daddy" gives him a reason to fight. This baby could save Dante's life….

The Secret Mistress Arrangement by Kimberly Lang (2009)

CATEGORY : Harlequin Presents
SETTING: Contemporary US
HEROINE: 28+ year old software designer

Time is money to drop-dead-gorgeous tycoon Matt Jacobs. But when he meets beautiful Ella Mackenzie at his best friend's wedding, he decides to break his rule and make the most of his week off work - by spending it in bed with her!

Strong-willed Ella doesn't do sleepovers - but Matt's incredible lovemaking has got her hooked! So when their secret week between the sheets comes to an end, Ella finds herself accepting the sort of indecent proposal she never thought she'd consider..

Always to Remember by Lorraine Heath (1996)

HISTORICAL: Post Civil War Romance
HEROINE: 23 year old widow

Refusing to pick up a gun for the Confederacy, Clayton Holland was branded a deserter and imprisoned during the war. When he returned home to Cedar Grove, he was given a coward's welcome, spurned by everyone in town. To Meg Warner, Clay's presence was a constant offense: a betrayal of the cause for which her husband and brothers died.

As a punishment, she commissioned Clay, a talented sculptor, to create a memorial for Cedar Grove's fallen heroes, hoping that every name he carved into stone would carve remorse into his heart. But, as Meg spent months watching Clay work, she began to see strength instead of cowardice. And she discovered that a hero could be found in the most unlikely of men. That passion could be sculpted from a heart hardened by bitterness. And that sometimes love―like courage―whispers instead of shouts.

Once a Pirate by Susan Grant (2000)

HISTORICAL: Pirate Romance
TIME TRAVEL: Modern day to past
SETTING: Atlantic Ocean 1821
HEROINE: 27 year old Navy pilot from USA who travels back in time

Andrew Spencer sailed the seas seeking revenge, and there were very few merchants' treasures that he hadn't given a jolly rogering. But on this particular voyage, he found his task harder than usual. As a brown-eyed beauty was hoisted from the waves, he found his pirate's soul plundered from without and a fiery need conjured up from within.

The freak storm that caused her plane to go down in the Atlantic sent fighter pilot Carly Callahan's life spinning out of control as well. Pulled from the freezing ocean, she found herself in the hot embrace of an Adonis. But his eyes were cold and hard, and the man's burning lips swore she was someone else before he claimed her as his own. Carly knew she had one chance to go home, but there was so much to see and feel here -- and the best was yet to come.